Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Bad Move, Space Cadet


Well, I think this may wrap up Dr. Strange Records for a while. In all fairness, Zoinks has releases on other labels but I believe all their full lengths were on DSR. Anyways, it's trivial... As stated in a post earlier Zoinks are back together, see here and here .

Here's some history from their myspace:
Zoinks! began in the winter of 1992 in Reno, Nevada in a depressed basement near downtown Sparks, Nev. Zoinks! released three 7-inch singles on local label Satan's Pimp Records and was subsequently signed in 1994 to Southern California's independent label, Dr. Strange Records. Committed to the do-it-yourself philosophy, Zoinks! booked its own tours and helped to re-establish the do-it-yourself ethos in the early-90s Reno music scene, a movement that originated in the late 70s with Reno's most known punk band, 7 Seconds. Zoinks! played shows in basements, kitchens and anywhere else the band could secure a place to perform—such as a remote club on the island of Sardinia, a Mexican restaurant on Reno's S. Virginia St., a house trailer in Auburn, Ga. and anarchist squats in Spain and Italy. Along the way, the band played with countless punk luminaries, including Blink 182, NOFX, 7 Seconds, The Donnas and The Queers. Zoinks! began with original members Zac Damon on guitar and vocals, Rob Borges on bass and vocals and Colin Pantell playing drums. After a few gigs and a recording that went on to become the band's first single, Bob Conrad joined Zoinks! in '93 to play drums. Deciding to add a second vocalist/guitarist to the line-up, Arne Cherkoss from the Northern California band Underhand joined Zoinks! in ‘95. In ‘96, Zac left the band, landing gigs with Screeching Weasel, Lookout! Records' Squirtgun and ultimately forming Big In Japan. Rob, Bob and Arne continued Zoinks! as a three-piece, recorded “Well & Good” in 1997, went on two U.S. tours and a six-week tour of Europe. The band broke up in 1998. BUT NOW WE'RE BACK on a parttime basis.

...Seems weird they split back in 98, thought they lasted longer than that.

Zoinks - Rope Tied
Zoinks - Last Song for Barbie

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