Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Invalids Return!

Yeah, Sorry I haven't posted stuff in two years and let the domain where I hosted all the files expire but such is life. Thanks to everyone who has sent me emails and sorry if I haven't wrote back, I'm a bastard. Time permitting, I'll try to be good and maybe resurrect this thing.

Anyways, got this email last night and thought I'd share:

Hi, this is Scott from the band The Invalids. I got your email address from the Ready Steady Smash blog site. We got back together recently, and are currently stalking folks who've written about us in the past in order to spread the word. Anyway, thanks for the shout-out back in '07. Listening to The Elks right now. Good stuff.

- Scott (The Invalids)

p.s. we've got a blog/website @

and we're on the other usual suspects...




Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Records for Sale

Sorry for the lack of post lately..... Things will pick up again soon.

In the meantime.. I'm selling a whole bunch of records (sadly):,38616.0.html

Check it out and drop me a line on there or via email if you're interested in anything.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Johnny K Took My Baby Away

The Invalids - Part II - Johnny K Took My Baby Away

Well, this is the first time i'm posting a band for the second time, but at least it's for something worthwhile. I received an email from Trevor pointing out that I missed this 7" in The Invalids discography in my previous post. The Invalids in fact have 3 7"'s and an album, not 2. A lot of times I go off strictly memory when writing this stuff and well, I forgot stuff. No biggie, as in addition to correcting the error, we have said 7" for your listening enjoyment. ...To put the icing on the cake they do a bitchin' Poison cover.

What's the Odds?

The Power Pellets "What's the odds?"

Before Dog the Bounty Hunter became one of Hawaii's most infamous icons there were The Power Pellets. I'm assuming they were named after the little yellow pixels that Pac Man eats when he's not running from ghosts but who knows. The Power Pellets sound like the kids next door that start a pop punk band after the guy at the record store turned them on to Screeching Weasel and Jawbreaker. This is not meant as an insult as they're lo-fi charm is one of the things that makes this record fun to listen to. Of course they do not go out of their way to avoid the topics of the day: girls, school, hanging out, etc. Enjoy.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Meet The Hi-Fives

The Hi-Fives
Formed out of the ashes of the Ne'er Do Wells and with a passion for garage rock the Hi-Fives came on the scene in 1995. They have more hooks than a shower curtain and more class than a school teacher. Their unique brand of poppy garage pop/punk resonates joyfully to my deepest aural cavities. Jangly guitars usually distortion free, nasally but not too nasally vocals often dual harmonized and a sound that could have rivaled The Beatles ala 65. If they weren't associated with the East Bay Punk scene they could have easily been a favorite with the indie pop kids and power poppers.

In addition to the Ne'er Do Wells they also have had other incarnations such as Judy and The Loadies and Brents TV. I could have sworn that a member or two was in Sweet Baby (aka Sweet Baby Jesus) but I must be mistaken as I cant find that information anywhere!

The Hi Fives released a string of singles and albums ending with 1998's "Get Down" and have since disappeared. The last I heard is that some members are allegedly in a garage band called The Dukes of Hillsborrough but I may also be mistaken about that. Apparently, I don't know much about much.

The Hi-Fives - Transister Sister
The Hi-Fives - It's up to you
The Hi-Fives - Love you better

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Greatest Hits .02: Back from The Pink Room

Pink Lincolns

Some of you may wonder.. Why would Pink Lincolns be in the Greatest Hits and not a band of higher noterity that i've already posted? Well, the answer is quite simple: It's my blog and I pick the hits... If you don't like it, leave a nasty comment. Noone ever comments on here anyways.

The Pink Lincolns are from Tampa, Florida a mere spitting distance from my home in Orlando. They are still together and i've missed them play on numerous occasions starting at the age of 16. They're just one of those bands that I just cant seem to see play live. Back in the day it was a school night and now.. well, now I have no excuse.

Chris Barrows fronts the band and they've been playing since the mid-80's (and I thought I was old). From time to time Chris was known to hop on stage when a band was playing and join their set..He also fronted a band called Jackie Papers for a while who put out records on Lookout!.

Pink Lincolns have put out tons of singles, albums, comps, etc including splits with both The Queers and Screeching Weasel. Totally underrated and totally aggressive, snotty punk rock.

Pick Lincolns Website
Pink Lincolns Myspace

Pink Lincolns - Stupid Me
Pink Lincolns - I've Got My Tie On
Pink Lincolns - Rats
Pink Lincolns - Tourist

Sloppy Seconds

Sloppy Seconds "Destroyed"

If Garbage Pale Kids could manifest themselves as real people they would probably look and sound something like Sloppy Seconds. Around since the late 80's, and still around today (yeah, they're on myspace) they've been spreading gluttony, porn and other vices as far as they can possibly reach -- in a very catchy way. Their song "I don't want to be a homosexual" undoubtedly inspired Screeching Weasel's "I want to be a homosexual". I don't want to be a homosexual is pretty much a delcaration that Sloppy Seconds aren't gay in case you might have thought otherwise. The sound? I guess if Cheap Trick or Flamin Groovies were punk bands? A precursor to The Vindictives? Catchy power pop with snotty vocals.

Sloppy Seconds - I don't want to be a homosexual
Sloppy Seconds - Janie is a nazi

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Bad Move, Space Cadet


Well, I think this may wrap up Dr. Strange Records for a while. In all fairness, Zoinks has releases on other labels but I believe all their full lengths were on DSR. Anyways, it's trivial... As stated in a post earlier Zoinks are back together, see here and here .

Here's some history from their myspace:
Zoinks! began in the winter of 1992 in Reno, Nevada in a depressed basement near downtown Sparks, Nev. Zoinks! released three 7-inch singles on local label Satan's Pimp Records and was subsequently signed in 1994 to Southern California's independent label, Dr. Strange Records. Committed to the do-it-yourself philosophy, Zoinks! booked its own tours and helped to re-establish the do-it-yourself ethos in the early-90s Reno music scene, a movement that originated in the late 70s with Reno's most known punk band, 7 Seconds. Zoinks! played shows in basements, kitchens and anywhere else the band could secure a place to perform—such as a remote club on the island of Sardinia, a Mexican restaurant on Reno's S. Virginia St., a house trailer in Auburn, Ga. and anarchist squats in Spain and Italy. Along the way, the band played with countless punk luminaries, including Blink 182, NOFX, 7 Seconds, The Donnas and The Queers. Zoinks! began with original members Zac Damon on guitar and vocals, Rob Borges on bass and vocals and Colin Pantell playing drums. After a few gigs and a recording that went on to become the band's first single, Bob Conrad joined Zoinks! in '93 to play drums. Deciding to add a second vocalist/guitarist to the line-up, Arne Cherkoss from the Northern California band Underhand joined Zoinks! in ‘95. In ‘96, Zac left the band, landing gigs with Screeching Weasel, Lookout! Records' Squirtgun and ultimately forming Big In Japan. Rob, Bob and Arne continued Zoinks! as a three-piece, recorded “Well & Good” in 1997, went on two U.S. tours and a six-week tour of Europe. The band broke up in 1998. BUT NOW WE'RE BACK on a parttime basis.

...Seems weird they split back in 98, thought they lasted longer than that.

Zoinks - Rope Tied
Zoinks - Last Song for Barbie