Sunday, August 19, 2007

Meet The Hi-Fives

The Hi-Fives
Formed out of the ashes of the Ne'er Do Wells and with a passion for garage rock the Hi-Fives came on the scene in 1995. They have more hooks than a shower curtain and more class than a school teacher. Their unique brand of poppy garage pop/punk resonates joyfully to my deepest aural cavities. Jangly guitars usually distortion free, nasally but not too nasally vocals often dual harmonized and a sound that could have rivaled The Beatles ala 65. If they weren't associated with the East Bay Punk scene they could have easily been a favorite with the indie pop kids and power poppers.

In addition to the Ne'er Do Wells they also have had other incarnations such as Judy and The Loadies and Brents TV. I could have sworn that a member or two was in Sweet Baby (aka Sweet Baby Jesus) but I must be mistaken as I cant find that information anywhere!

The Hi Fives released a string of singles and albums ending with 1998's "Get Down" and have since disappeared. The last I heard is that some members are allegedly in a garage band called The Dukes of Hillsborrough but I may also be mistaken about that. Apparently, I don't know much about much.

The Hi-Fives - Transister Sister
The Hi-Fives - It's up to you
The Hi-Fives - Love you better

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